Fee Schedule

Initial Consult: 90 minutes ($395)

  • This fee includes the time Dr. Kirmani will spend PRIOR to your visit reviewing the comprehensive health history, intake questionnaires, and any previous medical records or lab results that you send to our office at least 72 hours before your consultation.
  • A comprehensive visit summary is uploaded to the Patient Portal for every patient after their visit that specifically describes recommendations for food/diet, exercise/movement, stress management/lifestyle, testing/imaging/diagnostics. This creates a tailor-made course to follow that addresses your particular needs.
  • The intention is for every patient to leave their consultation empowered to take meaningful steps toward their best health. A comprehensive food plan, recipes, and numerous informative handouts are provided to guide each patient in their next steps toward whole health.

Initial Follow-Up Visit: 60 minutes , in-office or phone ($325)

  • This fee includes the time Dr. Kirmani spends PRIOR to your visit performing an in-depth analysis of the lab results and designing a customized plan of care
  • This visit is typically your longest follow up, as Dr. Kirmani discusses your lab results and explains the plan of care that she has created for you. The plan of care at this point is adjusted based on the lab results and may include detailed supplement/medication program. Adjustments may also be made to the initial food/diet plan. This creates a more tailor-made course to follow that addresses your particular needs.

Subsequent Follow-Up Visit: 30-45 minutes, in-office or phone ($200)

  • These visits with Dr. Kirmani focus on review of any lab results, your physical response to dietary, exercise, and/or lifestyle modifications suggested at your initial consultation, to answer any new questions, and to formulate a plan going forward.  Phone consultation, Skype or other forms of communication may be utilized depending on your preferences, location, and needs. , to answer any new questions, and to formulate a plan going forward.

Minor Follow-Up Visit: 15 minutes, in-office or phone ($80)

  • These visits are meant as quick follow ups to discuss any changes to your ongoing program and make minor adjustments.

Insurance Details

We have decided to focus on a philosophy with an emphasis on patient relationships rather than insurance requirements. Therefore, our office is out of network for all insurance companies.

We will provide each patient with an insurance claim form that is called a ‘superbill’ by the insurance industry. You can submit this superbill to your insurance company.  Please note (Important exceptions are Medicare and Medicaid for which we are NOT a contracted provider)

It is your responsibility to know how your plan works and to submit the superbill. Payment is expected at the time of your visit.


  • Payment is due at the time of consultation by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or by checks. HSA and FSA issued by MC/Visa are also accepted.
  • Initial consults have to be in person, subsequent consults can be in person or via phone (same rates apply).
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