9 Ways to Improve Your Brain Health for Better Memory

9 Ways to Improve Your Brain Health for Better Memory

Jul 01, 2019

Any kind of cognitive decline is not ideal for individuals or their family members and loved ones. Unfortunately, the rate of chronic diseases like dementia and other conditions that affect memory is increasing while the average age of individuals developing these diseases is decreasing. For your health, My Pure MD has provided nine ways to keep your brain healthy and improve memory.

  • Go gluten-free.

A sensitivity to gluten is one of the leading causes of cognitive decline that can be reversed. Remove gluten from your diet and avoid it completely, reading labels carefully. While you can get tested for sensitivity to gluten, these may not be 100 percent accurate. Eliminate gluten from your diet by avoiding wheat, barley, rye, and many other grains.

  • Get rid of casein.

Casein is found in products containing dairy and can cause reactions in your immune cells. Eliminate dairy products like cheeses and yogurts that can cause problems in your body as well as your
brain’s health. Instead of butter, consider using ghee, which is clarified butter that does not contain casein.

  • Eliminate sugar and flour-based products.

These food products have been shown to increase insulin, which can shrink the brain and lead to loss of memory and early onset dementia. Sugars trigger the reward response in the brain, which can lead to an addiction developing without many people being aware of it. Flour-based products can lead to an impairment in brain function and memory in both adults and children.

  • Eat low glycemic (non-starchy) vegetables and berries.

Berries such as blueberries, strawberries, and other berry fruits are highly beneficial to the brain and can prevent memory loss associated with aging as well as other problems with the brain. You should strive to eat between 6 to 9 cups of fruits and veggies each day. They provide the body with healthy carbs and contain antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that your brain needs.

  • Eat more healthy fats.

The brain is 70 percent fat, so you need to eat enough omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, such as fish, seeds, grass-fed meat, and nuts. Eliminate trans fats and do not use vegetable oils to fry foods. Saturated fats have been linked to worsening memory as well as brain function. Avoid saturated fats, which can be very harmful to your brain and have a large effect on your cognition.

  • Consider ketosis.

Keto diets limit the number of carbs and proteins that individuals can eat each day. The goal is to increase ketones, which put the body into a state known as ketosis and increases hormones that facilitate nerve growth and maintenance. While on a ketogenic type of diet, the brain will use ketones as an energy source instead of glucose.

  • Pay attention to sleep quality.

Not getting enough sleep can cause the brain to shrink. Aim for a consistent night of rest with adequate sleep each night. When you haven’t gotten enough sleep, the body may produce beta-amyloid, which are proteins that prune away neural connections in the brain and are commonly found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Microglial cells remove these proteins during sleep, making it important to get enough sleep.

  • Exercise regularly.

Exercise stimulates the brain and leads to more nerve growth, which allows cells and connects to be maintained and repaired. Improving balance and strength training are highly effective. It has been shown to sharply decrease the risk of developing certain chronic and progressive conditions, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. Getting just 15 to 30 minutes of exercise each day can be a large boost to your brain’s cognitive functioning.

  • Optimize vitamin B12 (cobalamin).

B12 is a highly essential vitamin that the body cannot produce on its own. It must be received by the body via natural supplements or animal products. You can also get B12 injected into the body. You should try to optimize the process in which your body gets the recommended dose of daily B12. It can be taken in the form of dissolvable lozenges that allow it to go straight to your bloodstream without the hassle of being absorbed in the stomach or getting an injection.

July 1, 2019

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