Common Causes Of Heart Conditions And Other Cardiovascular Diseases

Common Causes Of Heart Conditions And Other Cardiovascular Diseases

Jul 13, 2021

Causes Of Cardiovascular Conditions

1. Inactivity (i.e. Prolonged Sitting)

With the world becoming more familiarized with sedentary work routines, inactivity is slowly becoming a variable that leads to heart ailments. Among the primary links to inactivity today is prolonged sitting.

Inactivity impedes blood flow. Blood circulation that does not follow its normal cycle could lead to cramps and chronic pain around target areas like muscles and joints. Worse, if left unattended, blood clotting may occur (DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis). These clots have the capacity to travel throughout the rest of your body.

2. Being Overweight

Overweightedness sees the accumulation of fatty material in and around blood vessels. These will then block and/or restrict proper blood flow. In turn, an unstable blood flow implies that your heart will have to work overtime to keep up with the loss. Hence, you will inadvertently wear it out faster than average, and weakening said bodily system’s operations.

This is directly linked to how those who are overweight require more pressure to “push” blood through said clogged passageways. Inadvertently, being overweight also means increasing the probability of incurring high blood pressure. Overweightedness is another common cause of heart attack.

3. High Cholesterol

Consuming saturated fats and/or trans-fat brings about high cholesterol. The sources of these types of fats are not necessarily unhealthy in themselves (i.e. dairy products, certain parts of meat and poultry, etc.)

But too much consumption of saturated fat, and on a near-constant basis can be detrimental to your heart. Trans fat, on the other hand, is hazardous to health. On top of that, the food sources where it is commonly found often has little nutritional value (i.e. deep-fried food, frozen food, sugared treats such as cookies, pies, etc.).

Having high cholesterol connects to the obstruction blood circulation. This amassing of fatty deposits can eventually make it more difficult for blood to pass in and through your heart, and to the rest of your body’s systems.

You will be tiring your heart very quickly, escalating the likelihood of a stroke and/or heart disease. A heart-healthy diet is the best alternative to these.

4. Following An Unhealthy Diet

We would like to be more specific with the term “unhealthy” in this context. An unhealthy diet that carries a propensity to arrest cardiovascular functions is one that is filled with carbohydrates, fats, sugars, and/or sodium.

Much of the processed food items easily availed of today (i.e. fast-food chains, prepacked, store-bought edibles, etc.) are riddled with one or more of these unhealthy ingredients.

First, the constant intake of processed carbohydrates and “bad” fats increase one’s risk for heart attack. Second, sugars can make your blood sugar skyrocket. It can also cause diabetes (type 2) and chronic inflammation. Finally, sodium brings about high blood pressure as well. It can pull water into one’s blood passageways, thereby heightening pressure.

Ask the experts of holistic medicine Houston trusts for heart health supplements you can start adding to your daily diet.

5. Smoking

Many believe that smoking mainly impairs respiratory organs, but just as many do not know that smoking can damage the cardiovascular system, too. It can raise your heart rate. And when this takes place on a near-regular basis, your arteries may tighten, causing your heart to pump blood above and beyond the average.

In addition to this, smoking tobacco is linked to atherosclerosis or the build-up of plaque within the arterial walls.

As you go for therapy and/or treatment for quitting smoking, you can choose integrative medicine Houston prefers for cardiovascular and respiratory system well-being.

6. Diabetes

People with diabetes are more likely to develop recurring high blood sugar. High blood sugar and/or high blood pressure can easily impair blood pathways, nerves, and nerve endings that are connected to the heart.

It will be to your benefit to consult your medical physician for alternative medicine Houston relies on when it comes to medication that will treat both diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

July 13, 2021

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