Prior to your Initial Consult

You have the option to schedule a 15 minute free call over the phone with Dr. Kirmani, to learn more about our practice and approach.  Please call our office and we will be happy to assist you.

To schedule an Initial Consult use the link listed below or if you prefer you may contact our office during business hours and we will be happy to assist:

Link to our booking portal:   https://portalmypuremd.md-hq.com/

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Your Initial Visit

You initial consultation at My Pure MD is our chance to really get to know you and your health care needs. Our intention is for every patient to leave their consultation empowered to take meaningful steps toward their best health that is applicable to them personally.

It is essential you complete your new patient paperwork at least 3 business days prior to your initial appointment.  This will help you make the most of your face to face time with Dr. Kirmani.

At your first appointment we will:

  • Do a deep dive into your health history
  • Perform pertinent physical exam
  • Provide nutritional guidance
  • Create an individualized treatment plan focused on your health goals and condition by using multiple systems of medicine.  The treatment plans are customized and include nutrition recommendations, basic supplements, medications if needed, mind body strategies and exercise suggestions.
  • Provide recommendations regarding any necessary laboratory testing.

Labs we offer:   https://www.mypuremd.com/conditions-we-treat/

Please bring your old medical records to your initial appointment.  Additional time may be needed to review extensive medical records.

Your Initial Follow Up Visit

  • The second visit is generally scheduled 4-6 weeks later, since specialty labs have a longer turn around time.
  • Prior to this visit, Dr. Kirmani thoroughly reviews and analyses your case.
  • During the visit Dr. Kirmani will discuss the review of findings.  This includes what may be causing your health problems and what supplementation (vitamins, minerals, and herbs), diet, and life style may be needed, as well as any other medications that may be appropriate for your care.

Subsequent Follow Up Visits

Subsequent follow up visits are usually scheduled at approximately 6-8 week intervals.  Dr. Kirmani continues to monitor your progress and makes adjustments in your program to address all key areas of dysfunction, until symptoms are managed and you appear on a clear path to wellness.

Long term Wellness

After most of your symptoms have resolved, you have the option to  continue follow up visits (1 -2 time per year) for health optimization and continued wellness.

Our holistic doctors provide functional, integrative, and alternative medicine to residents of the following neighborhoods in Houston, Texas: